About Ollie Voso

“… Since the game on drugs, the collective they can’t seem to focus much. They are in love with the high, not the love. Where all the artists that are refusing to follow the bus?”

Here to uphold the standards that made Hip Hop great, Ollie Voso emerges as a fresh voice for the hip hop community. A cultural art form that he’s been apart of since his pre-teens, Ollie Voso looks to make his mark in this great music genre.

Ollie Voso has opened up for the artists’ of industry clout like Redman, Method Man and Skyzoo; composed tracks with Momoaphrodite, Lonnie Moore, McBravado and SU of the Clique. Voso has acquired multiple awards for his music video My Rap Show, one in Baltimore at the Baltimore WebFest and the Oregon State Film Fest.

Join Ollie on his journey through music, the highs and vibes of a complex life and self-discovery and guaranteed good time.